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  • Increase your Case Processing Efficiency

    Our platform helps pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations optimize their case processing by integrating with their current safety systems to add automation, artificial intelligence and analytical functionalities.

    Incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your workflows

    MobiDox Health Technologies helps Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and PV software vendors incorporate AI and automation into drug safety. Our suite of tools help actual business users (non-technical) build, deploy, and manage AI solutions that integrate with their current workflow. We’re disrupting the model of pharmaceutical companies having to buy software off the shelf and then outsource the installation, customization, implementation, training, and maintenance to other vendors. Let us help you bring innovation to pharmacovigilance today.

  • Our Solution

    Automate and Optimize Your Pharmacovigilance Tasks!


    Our platform can automate your manual and repetitive tasks

    Cognitive Computing

    Leverage our AI capabilities to analyze your safety data for better signal detection

    Simple Integration

    Implement our system in weeks, not months with minimal work required from your technical teams


    We can build custom automation tools for your specific needs

  • - Automation Tools -

    Select the tools to add to your workflow!

    Intake and Triage

    Better identify serious reports upon receipt to improve meeting reporting timelines


    Causality Assessment

    We curate medical literature and clinical trial data relevant for each case



    Better manage supporting documentation when preparing reports for submission


    Surveillance and Signal Management

    Get real time interactive analysis of your safety data to identify trends faster


    Analytics and Metrics

    Track your cases throughout the workflow and identify the most time consuming cases


    and more!

    Customize your workflow automation


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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new technology but as we start to see it’s influences in our daily lives through interactions with our phones, televisions, computers, and other ‘smart’ devices, discussions are arising in how to implement AI into the pharmaceutical industry-specifically...
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